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About us

Ubuntu Youth Organization (UYO) is a local Non-Profit refugee-led organization started by a group of refugees and Kenyans in Dagoretti south constituency as a self-help group in Nairobi Kenya. UYO started in February 2016 from the need presented by the harsh living conditions that urban refugees experience in their day-to-day living. The organization realized that many young people and single mothers’ refugees and Kenyans aging 15 to 35 years are at risk of living without skills due to a lack of financial support.

The term Ubuntu means “I am because we (you) are”, this gives us the confidence to empower others, to give them what we have, that why we say "We are empowered to empower Others."

Our Programs

  1. Apprenticeship program
  2. Tailoring Training

    In this project UYO trains youths and single mothers to become skilled in tailoring such as clothes, Ankara bags, Apron, Table mats, Curtains and Pillow case.

    Barber/ Shaving

    UYO is giving professional training in Haircuts And Facial.

    Art & Craft

    In this project UYO offer handcraft skills which include the following activities: basket waving, Chondoo and Plastic baskets etc.


    Under this project UYO train woman, single mothers, and youths whom completed the trainings to become Enterprenuer, table banking and savings to help them to acquire skills in business management and development.

  3. Livelihood program

Helping Hands

Ubuntu providing sanitaries, clothes, food stuff, rent to single mothers, Old people, and person with specific neeeds to ensure they're living in a conducive environment.

Computer Workshop

Workshops are designed for computer litracy training skills to the single mothers and youth, to make them adptive with new technologies and digital marketing skills

Health Awareness

UYO help both refugees and host who face difficulties accessing proper health care. UYO provides support and seminars to refugees and host communities struggling to recover from HIV/AIDS, Mental Health, GBV and Life Depressions. seminars aim to create awareness and give them hope and courage.

Our Works

L'Africana's donation of two tailoring machines is greatly appreciated.

Chondoo Handbag

Give sanintaries support

We're promoting capacity building and business management skills to young enterpreneur

Ongoing intake

Student Team and Trainee

2387 Beneficiaries 67% Apprenticeship 33% Livelihood


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a society where all Youth and single mothers are guaranteed
high quality of life Nairobi through hand works trainings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower youth and single mothers’ both refugees and host to become self-reliant and have economic independence.

Ubuntu Objectives

To promote peace and integrity to both refugees and Kenyans, and create a center that will provide consistent training for young people to secure job opportinuties.

Our Values

  • Ubuntu - “We belong to one another”.
  • Kindness - “We give what we have”.
  • Inclusion - “We consider all”